Model Based Enterprise

There is a growing shift away from 2D drawings because it can be expensive, inefficient, and prone to interpretation errors.

Global PLM Solutions is trained and experienced in software solutions that integrate drawingless manufacturing solutions, which help you define, organize, and publish 3D Model Based Enterprise or MBE and 3D model data into industry standard file formats.

3D views provide an easy way to detail individual manufacturing operations helping to capture the right manufacturing orientation and clearly organize and display all critical MBE data in an easy to digest manner, removing ambiguity.

Global PLM Solutions can help you streamline production, cut cycle time, and improve product quality. We can train and consult your engineering team on 3D MBE to help speed up communication, cut quoting time, and reduce errors.

Schedule a free consultation to see how Global PLM Solutions can save you up to 32% while improving efficiency and accuracy within your engineering department.

Dan Turk, Design Engineer and Corporate Training Specialist for Global PLM Solutions, discusses what PMI is, some top benefits, and what the future of PMI looks like.

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