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PLM Strategy

The first step is to determine the project scope, its objectives, and the expected added value. This phase will also determine some highly critical decisions such as choosing the software solution and building the project roadmap.

PLM Design

PLM Design aims at defining each key block required for project success. This includes new process design, solution functional specifications, prototype building, user involvement through workshops and prototype reviews, test and migration plans, training and change management plans. Understanding the processes, and knowledge of the chosen PLM solution is critical.

PLM Build

PLM Build aims at building the PLM application, configuring and/or developing software functions. During this phase, tests will be developed, the data to be imported will be prepared, the operational methods will be formalized and training courses and communication material will be created. Full knowledge of the PLM tool, processes and day-to-day activities is required.

PLM Validation

The PLM Validation phase aims at controlling and validating all aspects that will make the PLM solution deployment a success. Our team supports in testing the application with the integration of all “bits.”

PLM Deployment

The PLM Deployment phase aims at actually setting all aspects of making the solution operational. Global PLM Solutions will support deploying the solution in its production environment with appropriate data, delivering training sessions, setting the appropriate infrastructure solutions, and communicating about the project deployment progress.

PLM Support

The PLM Support phase aims at keeping the solution running with continuously improved functional and performance levels. Global PLM Solutions offers an extensive set of services to support and lead the PLM Support phase.

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